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Solo entrepreneurs need every advantage they can get to launch their companies and grow their revenue. Solo Hustle is the behind-the-scenes tool that makes this possible. With the launch of the beta version, it’s the perfect time to become a Solo Hustler. Let’s walk through the system and talk about why it’s the perfect fit for any new business.

There are three essential components to running your business efficiently: people, projects, and profits. Managing customers, subcontractors, and other vendors while staying on top of project management and tracking invoices and payments is a daunting task. From soup to nuts, Solo Hustle gets you there.


People management

Your leads and customers are the lifeblood of any new business. Start your Solo Hustle journey by keeping track of all your customers in one place.

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Once created, you’re ready to have a one-stop dashboard for everything you do for a particular client—track daily actions, current and past projects, all proposals, and the history of invoices and payments. From here you can add contacts to each customer, which will allow you to send proposals and invoices directly from Solo Hustle, eliminating desktop folders full of files and searching email to see when things were submitted.

Customers might not be the only people you’re trying to manage. Many Solo Hustlers find that they can expand their business faster with reliable subcontractors, but this can also be an added layer of complicated things to manage. Solo Hustle lets you keep track of employees as well.

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Adding employees and subcontractors to Solo Hustle simplifies the management of your projects significantly:

  • Add personalized labels to quickly sort people by function, locale, or any other organization system.
  • Assign tasks and see current availability via the Solo Hustle calendar.
  • […]

OK… you’ve populated Solo Hustle with people. Now it’s time to get to work.


Project management

There are multiple things to consider before you jump into working for customers, including:

  • Your services and prices
  • Whether or not you need to charge tax

Start with your price book

Add all products and services, including prices to your price book. You can set different tax rates as needed as well and assign them to each item in your price book. This will not only make creating new proposals simple, but is also an easy way to share your menu of services with new prospects.


Now create a project

Think positive and positive things will happen. While you might be in “proposal” mode, go ahead and create a project for the proposal you’re about to create. When your proposal is accepted you’ll be ready to start work.


Set up your proposal

Now wow potential clients with a clean, concise, and thorough proposal. Solo Hustle makes it easy to add clients, projects, and price book items at the click of a button. You can even include a signature panel for quick acceptance of proposals.


Proposals can be as simple or elaborate as you need. Create customized packages of different price book options to give customers the most choices and flexibility with their projects. Set payment terms, tax rates, and more. Attach files and assets, including sample portfolios, NDA documents, or anything else that will help you land contracts. Email your proposal directly to customers from inside Solo Hustle, and track and sort proposals by pending, submitted, accepted, or declined.

Get to work!

Managing your projects is easier than ever. Your customers and contacts, proposal details, and employees and subcontractors are all in one place—just put the pieces together.

Create jobs within your project to track each part, including due dates, who is assigned, and related files. Customize labels to sort jobs by type, timeframe, or whatever makes the most sense for your business. Create tasks within jobs to break them down into smaller bites and assign additional support as needed. Keep all drafts and notes in one easy place for reference—especially helpful if someone on your team is absent to keep projects on track and allow other users to understand current progress.


Profit management

Your team did the work—now it’s time to get paid. With your projects, tasks, price book, and contacts all in one place, creating invoices is as simple as a few mouse clicks. Automatically email invoices to clients for approval or directly to their accounting departments. Sort invoices by pending, overdue, paid, or whatever is most helpful to your bookkeeping needs.



Take a no-risk leap

Here’s the thing—Solo Hustle knows solo entrepreneurs. We know the risks you take every day and the challenges you’re constantly working to overcome. We know how tight profit margins are and how many sacrifices you make. Our leadership team has been behind a number of successful companies and startups. So when we say something is free and no risk we know that you’ll be skeptical.

But Solo Hustle is just that. We want this to be the premier product for Solo Hustlers looking to take their businesses to the next level. Jump into our beta product now for free. No risk, no obligation. Sign up for an account now and get full free access to Solo Hustle. Start managing your business smarter. We’ll reach out from time to time to find out how it’s going, what’s working, and what we can improve. Let’s grow together.


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