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Solo Hustle grows with your business. Turning a passion project into a paycheck? See how our Side Hustle plan is just right for your right now.

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Side Hustle makes the building blocks of your business—people and payments—easy to manage and track. With Side Hustle, you can track current customers and leads easily and efficiently, and get an informative bird’s eye view of the projects you’ve completed for them and new ideas for future business. Quickly create and route invoices and track payments.

Side Hustle Includes:

Click the flashing red dot in the top left corner to get a walk-through of the client database.

Current customers and prospects are the lifelines of your business.
Don’t just store important contacts in your phone. Keep track of companies and contacts, tie them together with projects, and automatically update and route project notes and invoices.

Click the flashing red dot to get a walk-through of creating invoices.

Get paid! Your customers will appreciate the easy approach to paying for your services. You’ll have all the financial reports you need at your fingertips for quarterly tax filings, re-investing in your business, and more.


Planning a project can be tough, but with powerful task management, you can easily plan, organize, and collaborate on any project. Having a good task management system in place makes projects much easier to handle and helps keep everyone on track.

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Solo Hustle is the partner you’re looking for with no risk. Let’s get hustling!

Need different features?

  Need a few more features to support your business?
Take a look at our other plans for different size operations. 

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6 month free trial for all plans

Side Hustle

$ 14
99 Per Month
  • Client Database
  • Custom Invoices
  • Task Management

Solo Hustle

$ 29
99 Per Month
  • All Side Hustle Features
  • Custom Proposals
  • Custom Templates
  • In-platform Messaging
  • Price Book
  • Time Tracking

Team Hustle

$ 59
99 Per Month
  • All Side + Solo Hustle Features
  • Team Management
  • Employee Assignments
  • Custom Logins for Clients + Subcontractors
  • Full Project Management
  • Full API Integration
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